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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The QR code has seen a surge in adoption.

Shoppers enjoy the simplicity of a touch-free interaction using only their smartphone, while businesses are empowered to better serve their customers

Whereas previously you may have had to install a special QR code-reading app in order to scan the codes, many newer phone models will now do this automatically through the main camera function, thereby aiding greater adoption rates globally.

For customers, this technology allows them to easily access menus and pay for food at restaurants, at the grocery store, and more.

When integrating a QR code into the design of a product or packaging item, it is vital to have a call to action that communicates to the user what value they can expect to get from scanning it.

Burberrys latest collection in China’s Shenzhen Store have labelled QR Codes to all products which connects the customer to unlock additional content and product info

Ralph Lauren Corporation (RLC) recently announced the launch of Digital Product Identities (IDs) for tens of millions of Ralph Lauren products, starting with the Polo brand,

The R Collective partnered with apparel industry innovators, including Avery Dennison, to spearhead this innovative initiative that reduces apparel’s climate impact. Consumers can scan the unique QR code on the care label to receive one of four different messages and videos each time they scan. Content includes: the product journey; wash care education; restyle, repair, reuse; and information about the Denim Reimagined story

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