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Follow any Youtuber these days and you will no doubt know they all have their own range of merchandise which you can purchase.

A merch range is a fantastic way to allow your fans to be part of your community and can be a great revenue stream.

Leading Youtube channels Dude Perfect, made $3 million in sales in 2019 on merch. DP has 56 million Youtube subscribers.

Dan TDM made $2,2 million in sales in 2019 and has 25 million subscribers

Sure these Youtubers are at the top of their games, but they too started with just 1 subscriber.

That’s why it was so refreshing to see a customer come to us the other day, whose son (age 7) wants to start his own Youtube channel and merch range.

His dad was fully supportive of this but wanted to go a step further and show his son how its made

Dad and future Youtube Star came to our offices and we walked them through the process

Its present day life lessons like this that pave the way for the superstars of tomorrow.

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